Dorukup lift automatic platform, moving facade platform

Our company is located in Başiskele, KOCAELI (IZMIT)/Turkey where the industrial companies are very concentrated.
DORUKTEK YAPI machine industry limited corporation aims to develope with the help of specialized personnels in engineering
sectors such as petrochemistry, refinery, hygienical products, detergent, metal, fertiliser, nourishment, automotive, construction,
rubber, paper, and etc. Our company works also on the following areas;

Areas we serve ;
  • Manufacture of general purpose machines and parts of machine
  • Manufacture of roll form machine (trapeze, profile..)
  • Mechanical montage and disassembly
  • Manufacture of steel construction and assembly
  • Piping and installment
  • Electric and instrument work
  • Manufacture of cylindirical tank and cone
  • Food sector noncorrosive manufacturing and undertaking
  • Manufacture of exchanger and mending
  • Insulation and painting